You Benefit From Our Thorough Processes

Metro Atlanta roofing contractors appreciate our highly detailed process for taking orders, scheduling shipments and delivering Owens Corning shingles and roofing products. We are a customer-centric roofing supplier that understands time is money, and we strive to save you both. 

When you place an order for Owens Corning roof shingles and other roofing products, a six checkpoint system is activated to ensure you receive exactly the supplies you need for an accurate and complete package.

  1. Place your RIS Roofing Supply order via phone, fax, email or PartnerView. 
  2. PartnerView enables you to input your order online, anytime.
  3. Our accuracy checkpoint starts on the phone, repeating your order back to you. 
  4. After your order is repeated and entered into the system, we compare our handwritten copy to the order in our system. 
  5. After a second RIS Roofing Supply pro compares the pick ticket to your version, your order goes to the warehouse for pulling, staging and loading. 
  6. All pricing is loaded into our system for 99.9% accurate billing each time. Customer Service reps do not enter the price when entering your order. 
  7. The warehouse associate who pulls your material also checks your order's accuracy as he is pulling and staging your order. 
  8. Once your order is pulled and staged, a separate RIS Roofing Supply pro checks your order's accuracy. 
  9. We apply color-coded stickers to the pallets. Each pallet associated with the ticket will have the same color/number sticker. That color/number combo is identified on your delivery ticket. 
  10. After verifying your order's accuracy, your shipment awaits routing and loading. 
  11. Routing typically decides where your order will be placed on the truck. 
  12. Each ticket is matched to an order to guarantee our driver has all correct material for each drop. 
  13. Our driver arrives at your job site and sets up cones for safely unloading your order. 
  14. Our driver ensures the right pallets are pulled, a process refined by our color/number-coded stickers, and places your order on the job site where you have specified. 
  15. After unloading the pallets, our driver counts the entire order to ensure the right type, color and quantity of shingles and other materials are delivered to the correct address.
  16. Finally, we send you a photo of the dropped materials via text to confirm delivery and show you where your delivery is located on the job site.

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